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Coming Soon

Pinnacle Brewing Company is scheduled to open in early 2024. We will offer a global variety of true-to-style craft brews for North Scottsdale beer lovers, served in a chill indoor/outdoor tap room. We chose to name the brewery “Pinnacle” as an acknowledgement of the rich history of the Pinnacle Peak area in North Scottsdale, and because “Pinnacle” is an important part of our mindset. It is a reminder that we will always strive to reach our peak. We hope that you enjoy the climb with us.

About Us

Pinnacle Brewing Company is a family business that was conceived on a backdoor patio in 2017. Wyatt was playing beer pong with his friends with beer that he brewed in the family kitchen, while his parents, Bob and Mary, were sketching out their retirement plans. Four years later, Wyatt was an accredited Brewmaster, and the three of us drew up the plan that resulted in Pinnacle.

Wyatt Wilson is passionate about creating true-to-style beer that adhere to traditional brewing standards. While working his way up through some of the best award-winning craft breweries in the US, including Dust Bowl Brewing Company in California and Monkless Belgian Ales in Oregon, Wyatt developed his own interpretations of classic Czech, German, Belgian, English, and other regional brews, while leveraging his experience to add his personal touch on the modern styles. Wyatt is a graduate of Olds College’s Brewmaster & Brewery Operations Management program in Alberta, Canada.

Wyatt Wilson