About Us

Born to Brew

At the heart of Pinnacle Brewing is a legacy of family ties and devotion to the Craft. Bob was a home brewer in the 1990’s with dreams of opening a brewery in Kauai. That was before the kids showed up. Wyatt started brewing during his freshman year at Chico State, where he spent more time in the Sierra Nevada hop orchards than he did at the library. He then transferred to Olds College in Alberta, Canada and graduated with a degree from their Brewmaster and Brewery Operations program at the age of 21. His practical experience comes from Dust Bowl Brewing in California, Monkless Belgian Ales in Oregon, and Mash Lab Brewing in Colorado, while his outside-the-classroom education comes from sojourns to Czechia, Germany, Belgium, England, and other nations with a rich brewing history. We are inspired by the tradition of craft brewing, and are excited to serve our unique interpretations of these classic styles.

Brewmaster Wyatt Wilson alongside Mary (right) and Bob Wilson (left)